NEC SL1000 hardware parts

Here you can find hardware parts for NEC SL1000 communication system. They are useful as capacity add-on or as spare parts in case of breakdown. Those hardware parts which are compatible with SL1000 as well as SL1100 are placed in the ’NEC SL1000/1100 common hardware parts’ category.

NEC SL1000 and SL1100 communication systems are End of life. Order of new systems is unavailable from 31/03/2018 and all the SL1000/SL1100 system licenses will be available till 03/31/2019.

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NEC SL1000 hw parts
Trunk and Ext. Main board

Product SKU:  BE110250

SL1000 Main board, supports 4 analog trunk and 8 hybrid extensions

Unit price: 359,00 €
Price / kg:

NEC SL1000 hw parts
Extension Main board

Product SKU:  BE110251

SL1000 Main board, supports 8 hybrid extensions and optional daughter board

Unit price: 199,00 €
Price / kg:

NEC SL1000 hw parts
Daughterboard conn. card

Product SKU:  BE110252

SL1000 KSU daughterboard connector card, 1 connector for optional 2BRIDB board

Unit price: 59,00 €
Price / kg:


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