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Aastra, as one of the leading telephony manufacturer of the world is constantly expanding its range of IP (SIP) telephones. With their wide range of features these stylish and exceptionally high quality units offer the ideal solution for companies and IP service providers alike.


Mitel (Aastra) SIP phones

Mitel 6863

IP Telephone


SIP, 2 line, 3 line display, XML, 3 prog. buttons, HQ audio, 10/100 switch, PoE

Unit price: 58,80 €

Product details

Mitel 6865

Gbit IP Telephone


SIP, 9 line, 3 line display, XML, 8 programmable buttons, HQ audio, Gbitswitch

Unit price: 105,92 €

Product details

Mitel 6867

Gbit Comfort IP Phone


SIP, 9 line, color display, XML, 6 programmable buttons, HQ audio, Gigabit switch, PoE

Unit price: 135,28 €

Product details

Mitel 6869

High-end IP Phone


SIP, 12 line, color disp., XML, 12 prog. buttons, HQ audio, Gbit switch, PoE, Expansion

Unit price: 188,13 €

Product details

Mitel 6873

High-end IP Phone


HD wideband audio, 7” touch screen, Embedded Bluetooth 4.0, USB Port

Unit price: 390,00 €

Product details

Mitel 6730

entry-level IP phone (SIP)


SIP, 3 line LCD, 8 prog. keys, 10 func. keys, XML, HQ audio, AC adapter

Product details

Mitel 6731

IP Telephone (PoE)


SIP, 3 line LCD, 8 prog. keys, 10 func. keys, XML, HQ audio, PoE, 10/100 switch

Product details

Mitel 6737

Gigabit prof. IP Phone


Gigabit switch, SIP, PoE, graphical LCD, 12 soft keys, XML, HD audio, 9 lines

Product details

Mitel 6739

High-end IP Phone


SIP Phone, Touchscreen, PoE, Gigabit switch, HQ audio 640x480 display, Bluetooth

Product details

Aastra 6753i

Advanced IP Phone


SIP Phone, Headset port, PoE, XML, 10/100 switch, 9 lines

Product details

Aastra 6755i

Comfort IP Phone


SIP Phone, 6 + 6 prog keys, PoE, HQ audio 10/100 switch, XML

Product details

Aastra 6757i

Professional IP Phone


SIP, 10/100 switch, PoE, graphical LCD, 12 soft keys, XML, HQ audio, 9 lines

Product details

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