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Phones rented by our customers are bought back and carefully and professionally cleaned and tested. We replace any damaged or worn parts and the unit is repackaged.  If you buy a refurbished phone you receive quality at a reduced price and also help protect the environment by contributing to the reduction of electronic waste.

Refurbished phones

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Aastra/Ericsson Dialog 4222

Office, Refurbished


Full functionality for office communication needs, 10 function keys with LED

Unit price: 64,26 €

Product details

Desktop Charger for

DT390/DT690, refurbished


Mitel Cordless DECT Desktop Charger for DT390 & DT690 Mitel DECTs

Unit price: 24,50 €

Product details

Security clip for Aastra/Ericsson DT292 DECT

Unit price: 4,90 €

Product details

Ericsson DIALOG 3203\3213

black, refurbished


Digital phone with three-row alphanumeric display (Refurbished, tested phone)

Unit price: 75,00 €

Product details

Gigaset SL400

refurbished analog DECT


Elegant design, Data synchronisation, ECO DECT, Bluetooth, USB

Unit price: 58,00 €

Product details

Power Supply for Siemens

OptiPoint 410/420/500


Refurbished, 230V Power Supply for Siemens OptiPoint 410/420/500 and OpenStage

Unit price: 22,00 €

Product details

Siemens optiPoint 420

Advance, refurbished


Executive IP phone, PoE, 19 keys PC port, adapter and USB port, headset port

Unit price: 157,00 €

Product details

Siemens optiPoint 500

Advance (arctic), refurb.

Siemens optiPoint 500 Advanced_iceblue_800x800_1

Digital system phone with handsfree, 19 keys, USB 1.1 and 2 adapter ports

Unit price: 79,00 €

Product details

Siemens optiPoint 420

Standard, refurbished


IP phone with LCD display, 12 keys, PoE, mini-switch, 2 adapter slot, CTI

Unit price: 124,00 €

Product details

Siemens optiPoint 420

Economy Plus, refurbished


IP phone with 2-line LCD display, 12 keys, PoE and switch port

Unit price: 128,00 €

Product details

Siemens Gigaset SL3

DECT handset, refurbished


Illuminated graphical disp., phone book with 250 names, 10-hour talk time

Unit price: 115,00 €

Product details

Siemens Gigaset SL2

DECT handset, refurbished


Illuminated graphical disp., phone book with 250 names, 33 on board ring tones

Unit price: 65,00 €

Product details

Siemens Gigaset S67H

DECT set, refurbished


DECT set: handset+desktop charger, phone book with 250 names, ECO mode

Unit price: 95,00 €

Product details

Aastra 7446ip

Refurbished IP phone


Elegant refurbished IP phone for MX-ONE and BusinessPhone phone center

Unit price: 227,94 €

Product details

Aastra 7444ip

Refurbished IP phone


Refurbished IP system phone with 3,5” color screen business for MX-ONE

Unit price: 156,31 €

Product details

Aastra 7434ip

Refurbished IP phone


Refurbished IP phone with LCD screen and PoE for MX-ONE and BusinessPhone

Unit price: 112,88 €

Product details

Display Panel for Aastra

7400 phones, refurbished


Refurbished display panel unit with 24keys. Max 2pc, max 48keys

Unit price: 150,61 €

Product details

Key Panel Unit for Aastra

7400 phones, refurbished


Refurbished extra key panel unit for Aastra 74xx phones up to 3 KPUs

Unit price: 97,69 €

Product details

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