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Bittel UNO Media 5S

Multimedia hotel phone

Guest room IP phone with media player, charging station, radio and alarm clock
Product SKU: UM5SIP
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Product Availability: 4-8 weeks
Manufacturer: Bittel

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Bittel recently unveiled new generation multi-media centre called UNOMedia 5S which lets hotel guests staying in bed while making phone calls since all the phone functions are built into the handset. It combines the essential features & functions required by hotels such as Bluetooth, NFC, charging station, radio, alarm clock and hotel phone in one. UNOMedia 5S adopt high-grade aluminum alloy faceplate with elegant acrylic panel to keep consistency with hotels' concept & style. Premium loudspeaker with impressive subwoofer performance is definitely comparable with other mainstream speakers. Up to 7 charging ports (4 pcs USB smart charging ports & one MFC cable) can perfectly satisfy the charging demands for iDevice, Android and other portable devices. UNOMedia 5S bring major changes to hotels. Comes with cordless (DECT) or corded handset. 


  • VoIP (SIP) model
  • Handset with full phone function
  • High performance sound system brings improved audio experience to guests
  • Can also be used as high quality conference station
  • Large screen clock display
  • NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled touchless pairing
  • Bluetooth connection is initiated automatically by placing  mobile devices near the UNOMedia 5S
  • Specially designed Bluetooth features for Hotels address both the ease of use and security concerns for hotels

Alarm Clock & Audio Features:

  • Clock, Alarm, Radio Features
  • Clock designed accurately Summer Time and Standard Time switching automatically
  • Time corrected wirelessly Battery back-up for Clock and Alarm
  • Visual alarm FM radio standard

Charging Features:

  • High Powered Rapid Charger made specifically for hospitality environment
  • Patented Multi-Function Cable provides multiple charging ports allowing guests to charge even if they left their charger at home
  • Four additional powerful USB charging ports
  • Extensive support for all variety of mobile devices, Apple, Android, etc.

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