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The success of a business and the goodwill of an entity increasingly depend on effective communications. Consequently, wireless communications is a very important business tool. It enables staff to move freely within and even outside the premises, facilitates better availability and increases efficiency. We offer units and systems for offices, warehouses, industrial operations and hotels alike.



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Yealink CP930W (w/o Base)

IP DECT Conference Phone


Wireless connection to IP, LCD display, touch keypad, voice recording, Bluetooth

Unit price: 413,67 €

Product details

Yealink RT30

DECT repeater


Handling of 2 active calls simultaneously, Up to 6 repeaters per base station

Unit price: 140,78 €

Product details

Yealink W53P

IP DECT handset and base


Mid-level wireless IP phone for moderate-to-active on-the-move communications

Unit price: 131,92 €

Product details

Carrying case

for Mitel 5613


Carrying case for Mitel 5613

Unit price: 37,20 €

Product details

Yealink W53H

DECT cordless handset

W53H-2 (1)

next-generation wireless handset designed for business use

Unit price: 84,11 €

Product details

Yealink W60P

IP DECT handset and base


High-performance DECT IP phone system with user-centric design

Unit price: 140,78 €

Product details

Desktop Charger

Charger for Mitel 5613/14/24/03/04


Desktop charger for Mitel 5613/14/24/03/04

Unit price: 32,20 €

Product details

Yealink RT20U

DECT Repeater


Up to 2 simultaneous calls per repeater, up to 5 repeaters per base station

Unit price: 154,94 €

Product details

Mitel 5614

DECT phone


Color display (2”), Bluetooth headset support, 20 hours talk time, GAP/CAP

Unit price: 279,00 €

Product details

RTX 8830 Handset

Industrial IP DECT handset


IP65, Alarm key, HD audio, 2’’ TFT display, optional Bluetooth, Lith Ion battery

Unit price: 327,59 €

Product details

RTX 8630

IP DECT handset

rtx 8630_23

TFT color display, HD voice, GAP/CAT-iq support, headset connector

Unit price: 154,94 €

Product details

RTX 8660

IP DECT basestation

rtx 8660

IP based, 40 basestation per system, GAP/CAT-iq support, HD voice

Unit price: 301,03 €

Product details

Yealink W41P

IP DECT phone and base


IP DECT desk phone with the cordless convenience

Unit price: 210,72 €

Product details

Yealink W56H

IP DECT handset


1 handset with 2.4 " color display, 30 hours of talk time, ECO mode, CAT-iq2.0

Unit price: 87,65 €

Product details

Yealink Belt Clip for W56H/W56P

Unit price: 6,99 €

Product details

Yealink Belt Clip for W52H/W52P

Unit price: 5,76 €

Product details

Mitel 650 DECT phone

with CAT-iq standard

Mitel 650

DECT device with 2" color display, HD voice and hands free, Bluetooth, noise filter

Product details

Protect case W53H

for W53H DECT handset

1542697040603 (1)

Protective case for Yealink W53H IP DECT handset

Unit price: 22,13 €

Product details

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